First hike of 2014, finally

Sweet little hike today in Echo Canyon, in nearby Colorado National Monument, 1.5 miles out, so a 3 mile round-trip. This hike isn’t listed in the brochure handed out at the Entrance Stations, but it is listed in the newspaper-like Visitor Guide. So blessed to have this preserved beauty in my backyard, 15 minutes from home.

The snow is almost gone, melting and running in a small gurgling stream in the canyon. It seemed such a magical sound today, like a little tinkling ditty announcing Spring is NEAR! It was surprisingly not really cold, so I had fun dipping my Chaco-clad toes in it frequently.

There’s a little up-and-down across No Thoroughfare wash and some slickrock at the start, then the first bit of the canyon has a well-defined trail which degenerates into wash-bottom stumbling, or slogging in the rivulet of snow-melt like I did today. My favorite ol’ turquoise Chacos were perfect, comfy, and suited to the conditions today. I’ve subjected you to some funky singing here, the song was playing in my brain-radio, so I decided to share. “)

[note: Having trouble getting youtube to upload my videos from my phone today. grr. I’ll add them as soon as they’re up.]