Starting out… an introduction.

So here’s where I introduce myself… always a good place to start:
I’m KJ Gardner* and I live in Western Colorado with my husband of 30(mumble) years and one golden-honey-colored, gray-muzzled, Boxer/Rhodesian Ridgeback dog named Riley. Our son, our only kiddo, is a college student in Montana, 700 miles and eleven hours away (but who’s counting); all three of us miss him every day and are a bit lonely in the emptier house. [Update 2014: He’s set to graduate this spring. Wow.]

I’ve worked off and on for many years as a Florist (there’s a teaching subject for a long blog! For now, I’ll jsut advise you never to say, “How fun! You get to play with flowers all day!” ), with a 3-year stint as a “Plant Maintenance tech” – which sounds like I was fixin’ pipes and moppin’ floors! But actually what I did was tend and maintain live plants at businesses; from the Airport to the Credit Union to the local Red Robin. I dragged (okay, rolled) a green water tank around with all my tools-of-the-trade – trimming, dusting, polishing, and of course watering.  Most people at these places called me “the plant lady” or the “flower girl” – nice, huh?  :p  I made some good friends in that job. Also was a substitute bus driver for a few years just before my son was born – you remember how we treated subs in the classroom? Yeah, it’s worse on a bus when they’re all sitting behind you…

Gardening is a favorite pastime of mine – organic, sustainable, environmentally aware. These can be buzzwords or they can have real meaning, depending on how they’re used.  But I’ve used the word ‘Garden’ in the title here because of the wider meaning of a gardener as a nurturer, and carried that further to mean someone who cares for not only their specific garden in their local environs, but who also cares for the earth – the only Garden we have in which to live, work, play and thrive. So, in that spirit, I hope to share information and thoughts on how we may more carefully and thoughtfully maintain our ‘Garden’ – and ourselves, as caretakers.

I’ll be posting on other topics that I am excited about, concerned about, passionately interested in… environment, justice, music, faith, animals, hope, maybe a few political petitions or opinion pieces. Plus some posts on my meanderings – hiking, jeeping, travels…

Through all this, I hope to find a voice that is meaningful, humorous, realistic, and one that people will find interesting, informative and inspiring.

*My “pen name” – you won’t find that name in the phone book (well, you might, but it won’t be me!). Wait, do people even use phone books anymore? Okay, modern version: you won’t find me by googling.

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